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Why Catholic Systemic support staff should vote 'YES': NewsExtra Catholic Systemic schools Enterprise Agreement 2020

Why Support Staff should Vote YES 


What do support staff get under the new proposed EA? 

The NSW and ACT Catholic Systemic Schools Enterprise Agreement 2020 (the EA) provides pay rises of 2.5% from January 2020 and a further pay rise of 2.28% from January 2021 for support staff (referred to as General Employees in the EA). This is the same as the pay increases for teachers in NSW. Although the first increase of 2.5% has already been paid, the union would expect that the second increase of 2.28% would only be paid if the EA is voted up by employees and then approved by the Fair Work Commission. 

What did the IEU claim for support staff? 

The IEU sought additional pay increases for support staff, on top of the increases for teachers, based on pay rises for school administrative and support staff in NSW government schools. The public sector increases occurred as the settlement of a case before the NSW Industrial Relations Commission in late 2019. 

The settlement provided an 11% wages adjustment across administrative and support staff classifications in the Crown Employees (School Administrative and Support Staff) Award. This settlement does not legally apply to staff in Catholic schools, and it is not straightforward to simply flow on the increases by negotiation. Unlike with the teachers, the classification models and wages structures in place for the administrative and support staff in the public sector are different to those in our schools. 

The union also sought increased long service leave for support staff. 

Unfortunately, we have not achieved these claims. 

But these claims are not off the table 

Although there was no resolution of these claims, the parties have agreed on the establishment of a joint IEU/CCER Working Party. The Terms of Reference provide that the Working Party will compare jobs and pay in NSW government schools and Catholic systemic schools and make recommendations to address any inequities. Union Officers and the IEU Support Staff Advisory Committee have commenced a consultative process to gather information and data necessary to inform the Working Party when it commences in early 2021. 

In order to achieve these additional improvements, we need to secure those currently on offer 

by voting YES to the proposed EA.