Supporting the independent education community

Education unions support School Strike 4 Climate Rally, 21 May 2021


We stand in solidarity with our students as they participate in the School Strike 4 Climate.


We support and admire their courage and dedication, and we share their deep concerns.


Australia’s lack of meaningful action on climate change is a lost opportunity and has become an international embarrassment. Worse, it is a reckless and irresponsible betrayal of future generations.


Our three unions represent nearly 300,000 education workers across Australia who care deeply about the future of the their students and the state of the society, the environment and the economy we leave to them.


We are proud to stand beside our students as they fight for a safe and fair future for all of us. We call on the Australian government to heed their urgent message and to take real action to combat climate change.

Climate Strike 21 May 2021