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New syllabus advisory group volunteers needed


The union is calling for expressions of interests for the following NESA Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) as part of the new syllabus development process for the NSW curriculum reform.


TAG members will provide expert advice and assure the quality of the draft syllabus outcomes and content to NESA and the Curriculum and Credentials Committee (CACC).


The union has been invited to recommend up to five members in each of the following curriculum areas:


• K–6 Creative Arts

• K–6 HSIE


• K–6 Science and Technology

• 3–10 English (including EAL/D)

• 3–10 Mathematics

• K–10 Aboriginal Languages

• K–10 Languages

• 9–10 Computing Technology

• 11–12 Geography

• 11–12 Health and Movement Science

• 11–12 Technologies


NESA is also looking for an additional nominee with expertise in Life Skills outcomes

and content for the 7-10 and 11-12 TAGs.


TAGs will meet virtually on MS Teams. The frequency and length of the meetings will depend on

the needs of particular syllabuses.


NESA will determine the final composition of the groups from the recommendations provided by the IEU and other stakeholders. Successful applicants will be required to submit a curriculum vitae and will be selected based on their expertise in content knowledge for both the subject area and for the years of schooling and at least one of the following criteria:

  •  recent teaching experience in the course(s) or subject area
  •  expertise in curriculum development for schools
  •  understanding of relevant state, national and international practices and trends
  •  knowledge of research and/or evidence-based practice.

To avoid perceived or actual conflicts of interest, members of the TAG are excluded from


  • engaged in commercial educational activities, such as textbook writing, or commercial
  • professional development provision related to the syllabus(es)
  • a syllabus writer involved in the current syllabus development process
  • a full-time employee of NESA.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please complete the Member Nomination Form for the Technical Advisory Groups at the following link and return it to by close of business on Monday 3 May. Due to the tight turn around, we are unable to consider late entries.