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NSW teachers gifted 5 hour PD credit towards accreditation


The NSW Education Minister announced this week that all teachers maintaining NESA accreditation will receive a one-off credit of five hours towards the 100 hours of professional development they are required to complete every five years. This is in recognition of the efforts of teachers’ rapid innovation during the height of the pandemic so students could continue to learn from home.


This announcement will come as some small relief to many teachers across NSW, who overcame tremendous professional obstacles to continue delivering outstanding levels of education to our state’s pupils. It is a small gesture towards the professionalism of this talented and dedicated workforce.


This decision, however, comes off the back of a decision late last year instructing NESA to strip hundreds of PD providers (including the IEU) of their delivery status. The Professional Development programs that were run by providers like the IEU were consistently praised and valued by our members. These members determined, in their professional opinion, that the content and skills developed in these courses were relevant and useful to them in their classrooms. 


The Minister’s announcement will be welcomed by many teachers as a welcome reprieve to their already bloated workloads – however more needs to be done to protect and promote the professionalism of the teaching profession.