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Reject One Nation's discriminatory Anti-Education bill


If One Nation’s dangerous Education Bill is passed in NSW, teachers who acknowledge diversity will have their accreditation threatened.


The Bill, if passed, will elevate parental primacy, allowing individual parents to dictate the terms of education. This will drastically increase teachers’ workloads and intrude on their professional autonomy.


This extreme and ideologically motivated legislation pits parents and teachers against each other, creating conflict in the workplace. Education works best when school communities work together.


One Nation’s dangerous Education Bill not only prohibits teachers from supporting gender diverse students, it is also an attack on elements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, English literature, ancient and modern history, PDHPE and more. It calls your professionalism into question.



The IEU supports inclusion and the professionalism of teachers.


Currently, the Bill is before a Parliamentary Inquiry chaired by One Nation.

You can have your say on this Bill in less than two minutes by going to this survey link:


Suggested by the NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby is to click 'oppose' to Question 2, and then skip through the other questions, which have used strategic language to encourage a specific answer.


At Question 8, you might like to reflect on your own experience as a teacher or support staff member, or you could share a story of a teacher who made an impact on your life.


Identify yourself as you feel comfortable.


Together we can defeat this dangerous and extreme piece of legislation.