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Resist cuts to your rights at work


While Australian workers are facing new laws that will give employers powers to cut wages and reduce job security, the new US President Joe Biden is proposing to double the US minimum wage. 
Workers in Australia are responsible for getting us through the pandemic and the economic recession.  
But their thanks from the Morrison Government is proposed laws that would remove their rights, reduce job security and allow wages to be cut. 

We need to stop these laws. Can you add your name to our petition today?
Let’s break this down: 
Essential and front-line workers were the heroes of the pandemic.  
The Australian economic recovery relies on the consumer spending of workers.  
If you cut wages and reduce job security, workers will spend less, and that will put the recovery at risk. 
At the end of 2020, Scott Morrison decided to punish the workers who saved Australia. In 2021, Joe Biden is thanking workers. 
We can’t let the new proposed laws be passed by the Senate. It’s well past time for workers to be thanked – not punished – by the Morrison Government. 

Add your name here to ensure that Scott Morrison knows that you can’t heal the economy by hurting workers.