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Staff vacancy: Make your voice heard


The IEU has recently conducted a brief survey concerning staffing shortages in Catholic systemic schools in NSW and ACT regional dioceses.


We have been using the data to build a case for governments and employers to address staffing shortages.


As a result, there has been a strong request to conduct a similar survey in the metropolitan dioceses.
The union is requesting that all Reps and Principals respond to the Staff Vacancy Survey to the best of their ability – it should only take about five minutes - to assist the union in understanding the extent of the problem.


Reps and Principals are encouraged to check their emails for the survey link.


We are asking designated respondents to identify their school in the opening questions to avoid doubling up responses, thus ensuring the integrity of the data. Please be assured no school or individual will be identified in the subsequent use of the survey data.


Difficulty in recruiting teachers is an issue that was identified as a major concern affecting government schools in a recent report commissioned by the NSW Teachers Federation (the Gallop Report). The union also understands that Catholic Schools NSW is currently developing a workforce strategy to address the same problem.
Having more detailed information will assist the IEU to work with employers to try to find a solution. 
We understand schools are busy places, but we would appreciate it if respondents could complete the online survey by Thursday 3 June. However, if this timeline is not possible, please complete and submit the survey whenever possible. 


If Reps or Principals believe another member of staff is a more appropriate person to provide this information, regardless of whether they are a union member, they are encouraged to forward the link to them for completing if they are willing to assist. It is important that each school only submits 2 responses.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Pat Devery at the union -