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Thrive by Five: Make your voice heard on early childhood education and care reform

Next month, representatives from the IEU will be joining Jay Weatherill, the CEO of early learning childcare advocacy group Thrive by Five, as he makes a speech to the National Press Club in Canberra urging MPs to take the early learning system seriously.


The IEU is a supporting partner of the Thrive by Five campaign, spearheaded by Jay Weatherill, which seeks to make our early learning childcare system high quality and universally accessible, in the belief that this could be the most significant educational, social and economic reform of our era.


As part of the advocacy campaign in Canberra, we are calling for real stories, from real people like you, about your experiences and challenges with the early learning and care system – and why it needs to change. Click here to tell us what we need to tell our leaders when Mr Wetherill meets with them in Parliament next month.


First, we’ll capture the attention of the media, with an address at the National Press Club, which will be broadcast live on TV. Together with Professor Fiona Stanley and Nicola Forrest, we’ll talk to our country’s journalists about how families are struggling to afford high quality, early learning and care.


Then, we'll meet with politicians from all sides of politics, including Government, Opposition, Greens MPs and crossbenchers, to urge them to reform the early learning and care system – so that every family, every child, can access the care they need.


But nothing is more powerful than real stories. We need to paint a picture for the decision-makers in Parliament, so that they can see the impact the current system is having on children and families right across the country. So tell us – what should we tell them? Click here to share your experiences with the early learning and care system


We have a real opportunity to change the early learning and care system. To make it affordable for everyone, high quality and fully resourced. Our leaders won’t be able to ignore us – we’ll make headlines at the National Press Club, then we’ll head straight to the offices of decision-makers, armed with real stories that show just how much reform is needed.


But the more real stories we have collected, the more impact we’ll make. Tell us what we should tell our leaders in Parliament, so that they can really see why the early learning and care system needs to change. Click here to tell us now.


And of course, we’ll let you know when and where to watch the National Press Club closer to the date – and give you a full report on how the meetings go with MPs.