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COVID Miscellany


The IEU, along with the broader union movement, has pushed for several measures to ease the pandemic burden on employees, including:

  • Isolation Leave – the IEU believes that employers or government should fund paid isolation leave for employees required to isolate due to exposure to a Covid case, or even after getting tested. The NSW government has (belatedly) introduced such a payment, though the $320 on offer is less than what is available in Victoria.
  • Vaccination Leave – In keeping with our support of vaccination, the IEU has pushed for paid vaccination leave to allow employees the time to get vaccinated, and to allow for any side effects to wash through. Some employers (such as WSU The College) have done this, but more should.
  • More generally, the IEU has pushed employers to remain flexible in their approach to matters Covid. We have also supported members who might find that their work life is suffering because of unfair action by their employer.


Here is an overview from the ACTU on your rights at work during the pandemic:


  • The IEU, along with the broader union movement, began advocating for paid vaccination leave when the rollout began, as not everyone has paid leave to attend appointments. Pictured with this news story are IEUA NSW/ACT Branch Secretary Mark Northam, left, and Unions NSW Secretary Mark Morey.


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This story was a part of the IEU’s September 2021 newsletter for ELICOS members.

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