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Mandatory vaccination: Email to members


This email was sent to all IEU NSW/ACT members on Friday 24 September 2021


Dear IEU Member


Re: Mandatory Vaccination of School and Early Learning Centre Staff in NSW 


On Thursday 23 September, the NSW Government made a Public Health Order (PHO) mandating vaccination of all school and early learning centre staff. The PHO is generally consistent with the policy announced by the government on Friday 27 August 2021. Click here to read the Public Health (COVID-19 Vaccination of Education and Care Workers) Order 2021


The PHO states that from Monday 8 November 2021, an employee may not work at a school (including a non-government school) or an early childhood education and care centre (ECEC) unless the employee has had two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine or has been issued with a medical contraindication certificate.


Further, from Thursday 23 September 2021, staff at a school or ECEC must provide vaccination evidence if requested by their employer, and this includes a person authorised to act on behalf of the employer (such as a principal of a school or director of an early learning centre) or a person authorised by that person.


From Monday 8 November 2021, vaccination evidence means evidence that you have been double vaccinated or have a contraindication certificate. Before Monday 8 November 2021, vaccination evidence also includes evidence that you have had one dose of the vaccine and evidence of an appointment to receive the vaccine. Presumably this information will assist employers in understanding what proportion of their staff will be able to work from Monday 8 November 2021. 


Under privacy law, employers should not keep a copy of your vaccination evidence, but they may make a note that they have sighted it.  


The PHO applies to work performed at the school or early learning centre, including as a volunteer, a contractor, on a casual basis or as a student-on-student placement. 


Other Public Health Orders that are in place will also continue to operate. 


Members who have been unable to obtain their recommended vaccine or who do not wish to be vaccinated should discuss their options with their employer in the first instance. These options could include (if your employer agrees) working from home, taking paid leave or leave without pay. 


Please advise the union if you are unhappy about proposals from your employer or if you are having difficulty in accessing a vaccine in your region. 


We appreciate this is a very stressful time for our members. 


Yours sincerely



Acting Secretary