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Early Childhood Services (ECS) Council election results

The role of the ECS Council is to provide advice and guidance to the IEU Executive and IEU Council on submissions, policies and other issues relevant to members employed in Early Childhood Services.


Members of ECS Council advise the Union on issues of importance to early childhood members. Councillors assist the Union to inform and develop submissions on a wide range of industrial and professional issues. The Union regularly makes submissions to Federal and State / Territory Governments and provides responses to sector consultations, such as Regulatory Impact Statements.


ECS Council is composed of 8 members plus the ECS Vice President, Gabrielle Connell.


ECS members elect councillors from the following areas:


  • Representing the Sydney Metropolitan area are:  Natalie Leeson, Amy Martin and Michelle Thompson.
  • The Councillor representing the South Coast: Jane Courtney.
  • The 3 Councillors elected from country branches are: Melinda Gambley and Phillipa Maher and Melinda Morris.
  • The Hunter Valley/Central Coast position is not currently filled.