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What’s in the Nest?


Do you need to update your organisation’s policies? The Nest might be helpful. The Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY) was established in 2002 by former Australian of The Year Professor Fiona Stanley and continues her vision of using the best available evidence to help all children and young people in Australia to thrive.


Central to its work is the Nest action agenda, which was initiated by ARACY in 2013. As part of this initiative ARACY recently released What's in the nest?, which is the result of consultations with more than 4000 children, families and experts. The Nest defines six interlocking areas of wellbeing which must be supported for a child to thrive.


It’s a way of thinking about the whole child in the context of their daily lives, viewing wellbeing in a way that brings together the different elements a child or young person needs in order to thrive. The Nest conceptualises wellbeing as six interconnected domains that support each other to help children reach their potential. To have optimal wellbeing, a child or young person needs to be adequately resourced in all six domains.


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