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Catholic systemic schools: Diocesan Directors drag their feet on enterprise bargaining


Almost all Catholic diocesan schools throught NSW have endorsed the IEU’s claims for new enterprise agreements to apply to staff from 2022.

The union wrote to Diocesan Directors attaching the claim (incorporating suggestions from Chapters) at the end of November reequesting that they commence negotiations with the union as soon as possible. 

​​A copy of the letter to the directors was also sent to Catholic Employment Relations, the body that represents the dioceses in state-wide negotiations.

Their response? Nothing!!!

The union considers this delay to be totally unacceptable. It appears to be intended to frustrate meaningful pay rises and improvements in workload and conditions for our members. This failure to commence negotiations is unprecedented.

The union will write to all members early in Term 1 to initiate a coordinated campaign to achieve justice for our members. We will need your support in this campaign.