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2022 Federal Election: the importance for members in post-secondary sector

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The 2022 Federal Election must be held by 21 May, which would require the official starting gun to be fired by Easter Monday, 18 April.


In the lead up, polling suggests that the Anthony Albanese-led Labor Party will win government from Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s Liberal/National Party Coalition, though of course, the polls suggested something similar back in 2019, and we all know how that went.


The election is of importance for members in the post-secondary sector, as the two major parties will likely take quite different approaches to the industry. Back in 2019, the ALP promised a root and branch review of the TAFE, VET and post-secondary sectors, and while this has not yet been re-announced for this year’s poll, it does suggest that Labor will be open to changes, and that they will likely consult with stakeholders. Labor has also in the past supported a larger refugee intake, and if this comes to pass, this will provide more work for many IEU members working in the migrant education space.


The election can also be a useful teaching resource. International students are usually interested in most elements of Australian culture, and a national election provides a great opportunity for some low-level civics lessons. The ABC’s Antony Green is of course the best source for information about our electoral system.


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