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Women of Steel: Anti-discrimination film and resources available for teachers

From the producers of Women of Steel:


The award-winning Australian Documentary Women of Steel will be broadcast on ABC TV PLUS on Sunday March 6th, 8.30pm, 2022, then later on iView and is now available for study through a range of resource centers.


This exciting and often humorous account of the 1980-1994 Jobs for Women Campaign is a valuable teaching tool for a range of subjects. The documentary raises issues that are current as well as historical as it follows the fight by hundreds of migrant women for the right to work in BHP’s Wollongong steelworks. Their struggle plays out against a background of societal changes, where new anti- discrimination legislation and the shifting roles of women intertwine with grass roots campaigning and imaginative direct action.  For more information about the film go to:


The ABC broadcast date is Sunday, March 6th, 8.30pm, and following the broadcast school libraries can access the film using their Screenrights licence through services such as Click-view, TV4Education and infoRMIT. You can also purchase a DVD, book orother merchandise here.


Access the film’s Education Study Guide (ESG) via the link below. We encourage you to watch and use our film in your teaching. (You can include it in your personal development qualifications!) The ESG covers Civics & Citizenship, English, Health and Physical Education, History, General Capabilities of Ethical Understanding and Personal & Social Capability and is also recommended as a supplementary text for Business Studies, Economics, Ethics, History, Legal Studies Politics, Women’s Studies. 


Or you can talk to us about how to use the film in your classroom - what do you need from us?


Access to the film / the Education Study Guide / DVD



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