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Edmund Rice Centre's Justice Through The Arts Program 2022: Final opportunity for Term 3!

The theme for the Justice Through the Arts Program for 2022 and 2023 is HOPE.

The Edmund Rice Centre for Justice and Community Education is presenting the Justice Through the Arts Schools Event Pre-Recorded Webinars Part 1 and Part 2.

This is the FINAL opportunity for teachers, students and interested people, to view the Justice Through the Arts Schools Event Pre-Recorded Webinars in Term 3

These pre-recorded Webinars showcase how the arts can be a powerful way to raise awareness about issues of Social Justice, Human Rights and Eco Justice and help build the capacity for social change.

You will see all the wonderful Performances/Presentations/Productions that the nine participating schools prepared as part of the Justice Through the Arts Schools Event 2020, featuring the theme There is Always HOPE. They are filled with Creativity, Inspiration and Learning.

In Part 2 of the of the pre-recorded Webinars, the author and ambassador of the Justice Through the Arts Program, Melina Marchetta will speak to us about the importance of HOPE.

The 4 Areas of Focus are:
• Indigenous Issues
• The Uluru Statement from the Heart
• Refugees and People Seeking Asylum
• Climate Change- with particular emphasis on how it affects the people of the Pacific

Schools and individuals presenting during the two pre-recorded Webinars have chosen one of the Areas of Focus and prepared a Performance/Presentation/ Production incorporating area(s) of the arts such as music, singing, dance, drama, poetry, film etc., featuring the theme of HOPE.

Information about how your school can participate in the MY JUSTICE THROUGH THE ARTS IDEA SCHOOLS PROJECT is presented in the two pre-recorded Webinars. If you are a registered school viewing the Webinars, you are eligible to participate.

These pre-recorded Webinars are suitable for students Years 8-11.

You will be able to access the two pre-recorded Webinars at a time that suits your school calendar, during Term 3.

The Information Flyer contains more information about the two pre-recorded Webinars and the MY JUSTICE THROUGH THE ARTS IDEA SCHOOLS PROJECT.

To Register to receive the two Links for the pre-recorded Webinars and the Programplease fill in the Registration Form and send to:

Part 1 is 53 minutes. Part 2 is 64.09 minutes.
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