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IEU Staffing Shortages Survey: IEU Reps and Principal Members please keep an eye out!

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The IEU will be emailing Reps and Principal Members in Catholic systemic schools and all independent schools in NSW and the ACT on 11 August 2022. Please keep an eye on your inbox.

Our purpose is to gauge the extent of teacher staffing shortages in NSW and ACT non-government schools and how schools are responding. This data is not otherwise available, and these survey results will assist us in attempting to address this critical issue.  


The IEU will use the data we collect to inform our submissions to the various government inquiries into teacher shortages and in our discussions with employers to better address the identified problems.


Discretion assured


  • We will ask you to identify your school to assist us in monitoring the progress of the survey and to ensure the accuracy of the data.
  • All data will be treated with discretion and no individual school will be publicly identified.

The survey period


We would appreciate it if you could complete this online survey using data from Weeks 3 and 4:


  • Start Monday 1 August
  • Finish Friday 12 August

When to complete the survey


We would appreciate it if you could submit the survey by Monday 15 August. However, if this timeline is not possible, please complete and submit the survey whenever possible. 


Who should complete this survey?


We have set the survey up to allow three responses per school: Principal members, Reps, and one other person responsible for the day-to-day engagement of casual teachers. We are keen for all three responses to be included. Link to the survey is in the email. Please check your inbox.