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Attention pre-2004 teachers!

Arrangements for pre-2004 teachers who have worked full time since January 2018.


NESA have advised all full time pre-2004 teachers who have completed their 100 hours of professional development that they can finalise their first maintenance of accreditation cycle this year if they wish. While this is certainly true, it should not be interpreted as a direction to submit.


Some confusion has arisen due to the mechanics of eTAMS, which will continue to show a 2022 due date for members of the pre-2004 cohort who have been teaching full time since 2018. This is also confusing for employers, who, in an effort to make sure none of their teachers fail to maintain their accreditation, have relied on the eTAMS due date when reminding their pre-2004 full time teachers to submit before the end of this year. NESA have explained that the due date on eTAMS will continue to show December 2022, until a teacher from this cohort elects to finalise their first maintenance of accreditation cycle - even if that is not until next year.


There are pros and cons to consider when determining the timing of your submission to complete your first maintenance cycle. You can read about them in the latest Newsmonth here.


If you have completed your 100 hours of PD you can submit any time between now and December 2023.


If you have decided to submit this year, here are the steps:

  1. check that you have completed 100 hours of professional development
  2. log in to your NESA eTAMS account to advise NESA that you are ready to submit
  3. NESA will inform your principal or service director, who are required to attest that you have continued to meet the Standards in your practice.
    1. As part of the attestation, your principal or service director have access to your PD log. On rare occasions, elective PD hours have been challenged, so it is worth checking that your elective PD hours meet NESA’s criteri You can find the criteria here
    2. Documentation is not required for the Principal to attest for you. NESA’s policy states: The activities and practices that form the basis of this attestation will be comprised of processes that are in place in the school/service and will not generate additional requirements for the teacher.

Carrying out your ordinary duties and responsibilities should provide ample evidence for a principal or service director to attest for you.


  1. Once approved, eTAMS will be reset with your new anniversary date, which will be 5 years from the approval date if you continue to work full time, or 7 years if you will be working part time.

Need more information? Read our Professional Development update in the August 2022 edition of Newsmonth.