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The IEU supports the Australian Teacher Workforce Data (ATWD) Teacher Survey

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Australian Teacher Workforce Data (ATWD) initiative

The ATWD is a valuable national evidence-base that is providing important insight into how we can address key challenges in the teaching profession. The ATWD Teacher Survey, the largest survey of the teacher workforce in Australia, is an important part of this. See what the ATWD is showing us

The IEU supports the ATWD Teacher Survey

The ATWD Teacher Survey is the teacher voice in the ATWD. It provides an opportunity for teachers to share their unique experiences and insights, to help us understand how we can better support them and build a sustainable teaching profession that enables quality learning for every child.

Each year teachers across Australia are sharing their story through the ATWD Teacher Survey to help us understand everyday teaching experiences and challenges.

We encourage all teachers to complete the ATWD Teacher Survey

To truly understand the modern teaching experience, it’s important to hear from as many teachers as possible. Every teacher’s story matters.

How to participate

The ATWD Teacher Survey is a voluntary, 10-minute survey for all registered teachers and school leaders.

Registered teachers will have received an email invitation to participate in the ATWD Teacher Survey from the NSW Education Standards Authority on 2 September 2022.


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Insights from the ATWD

The ATWD will provide us with insight on a range of issues, including:

  • how many hours are spent on teaching, preparing to teach and non-teaching activities
  • whether our teachers’ qualifications and expertise are being fully utilised
  • the challenges our teachers are facing and the rewarding experiences that mean they keep teaching
  • the types of early career support that are likely to lead to a fulfilling career for our newer teachers
  • what our teachers experience in progressing their career.

Links to ATWD information on AITSL’s website

Listed below are links to specific ATWD pages on AITSL’s website, including animated ‘explainer’ videos and ATWD reports and data. You are welcome to link to these as appropriate.

ATWD landing page