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Edmund Rice Centre: Uluru Statement from the Heart resources


The Uluru Statement from the Heart is written as an invitation to the people of Australia, to come together with First Nations Peoples to achieve constitutional recognition and structural reform in the relationship between the Commonwealth Government and Indigenous Peoples through Voice, Treaty and Truth. The aspirations of First Nations Peoples are for a fair, truthful, and reconciled relationship between First Nations and the people of Australia.


These 2 Resource Kits have been developed by the Edmund Rice Centre for Justice and Community Education to assist schools and community groups to understand and raise awareness about the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

1. Uluru Statement from the Heart Resource Kit for Teachers
The Resource Kit for Teachers is designed to assist teachers to introduce the Uluru Statement from the Heart to their students by raising awareness about its content and messages. It also provides information, resources, and creative activities for learning: 


• Background information about the Uluru Statement from the Heart
• Introductory Activities and Reflections for Staff Groups, or Classes
• Creative Arts Activities for Individuals, Groups or Classes


2. Uluru Statement Discussion Resource Kit 
The Discussion Resource Kit is designed to assist young adult and adult community groups to understand as well as raise awareness of the Calls of Uluru Statement from the Heart. It provides a series of articles, resources, and questions to stimulate group discussion.


Click the links to download the documents.

It is hoped that these Resource Kits will act as a catalyst in developing education and raising awareness about what is meant by Voice to Parliament, Truth-Telling and Treaty and to bring about justice and real reconciliation for First Nations People.