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NewsExtra: Special Briefing - AIS Schools

Time for a pay rise

Under Multi-Enterprise Agreements (MEAs) applying to teachers and support staff in independent schools, members were entitled to a pay rise of 2.28% from February this year with a further pay rise due of 2.53% in 2024.

However, the increase of 2.28% for 2023 is well under inflation (7% over the 12 months to March 2023) and is slightly below 2023 increases received by government school teachers and Catholic systemic colleagues. Both these groups have received higher pay rises over the last three years than employees in AIS schools and are also anticipating further increases with the election of the NSW Labor government.

Non-government schools need to act

MEA rates are a minimum – schools can pay more. Many do pay above the MEAs.

IEU March Council called for an immediate additional cash payment of at least 1% of salary to staff in schools covered by Association of Independent Schools (AIS) MEAs, with a higher increase where schools can afford to pay more.

The Board of the Anglican Schools Corporation has agreed to pay staff a special one-off payment of 1% of annual salary in April “in recognition of loyalty and to also contribute to cost of living pressures” in addition to the MEA pay rise in 2023. The decision to make the payment was supported by the principals and the Chairs of the School Councils across all 17 schools.

What you can do

Ask the IEU Rep in your school to call a meeting to discuss this issue (see Notice for IEU Noticeboard). The Rep may wish to invite non-members to attend to get maximum attention within the school. The meeting should pass a motion requesting the school to pay a minimum one-off payment of 1% of salary (in a single payment) or ask for a higher one-off payment or ongoing percentage increase if members feel the school can afford it. The IEU Rep should ensure the principal is provided with a copy of the motion. Your IEU Organiser will be happy to attend this meeting.

If you do not have an IEU Rep in your school, please elect one or an IEU Committee of several members to support the work of the union. Your Organiser can also assist with this process.
Please also speak to colleagues (both teachers and support staff) who have not yet joined the IEU. Strength in membership is crucial both for an immediate pay rise and for when the union commences bargaining for new MEAs in 2024. Join here.