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NewsExtra: Improved offer - Model C Catholic Independent Schools MEAs

Following pressure from IEU members, on 9 November 2023, Catholic Employment Relations (CER) made a revised offer for MEAs covering teachers and support staff. They offered improved increases for key support staff classifications and improved parental leave.


Teacher pay

Model C teachers will be paid the same rate as NSW Government teachers from October 2023 to February 2024 (see below) and 3% above between February to October 2024. The 3% advantage above NSW Government schools will be offset by an anticipated increase of around 3% expected for government and Catholic systemic teachers in October 2024, but rates in Model C schools will again be higher from February 2025. This pattern will repeat during the agreement.

Traditionally, teachers in Model C schools have been paid the same as teachers in government schools – this offer improves on that relativity by providing a 3% advantage for Model C teachers for much of the year.

Support staff pay

Rates of pay have been increased for Level 4C and Level 5 support staff and there is a new classification of Level 5A for Aboriginal Education Officers.

Parental leave

Although Model C schools have refused to agree to 12 weeks paid parental leave for the partner, they have agreed to other parental leave improvements, including that the concurrent parental leave taken by the partner at the time of birth will no longer be deducted from personal leave.

What happens next

Employers will put proposed enterprise agreements to the vote of staff – IEU will recommend a Yes vote.

Authorised by Carol Matthews, Secretary, Independent Education Union of Australia NSW/ACT Branch
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