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NewsExtra: Update on Bargaining - AIS Christian MEAs

Members may be aware that schools have recently distributed proposed agreements for teachers and support staff following negotiations between IEU and the Association of independent Schools (AIS).

We have now reached the point where the employers refuse to improve their offer any further. On balance we are recommending a YES vote.

Teacher pay

The teacher pay offer is very similar to that agreed for teachers in NSW government schools and Catholic systemic schools in October 2023, and includes an “uplift” of between 8% and 12% in February 2024, with further 3% increases in February 2025 and February 2026:

Support staff pay

Employers have refused our claim for parity with Catholic systemic schools, instead offering pay increases of:

  • 1 February 2024 – 4%
  • 1 February 2025 – 3.2%
  • 1 February 2026 – 3.2%

Parental leave

AIS Christian schools have refused to agree to 14 weeks paid parental leave and 12 weeks paid parental leave for the partner, but they have agreed to other parental leave improvements, including increasing the New Parent Bonus to 20 weeks from 1 February 2025, and providing two weeks paid leave for the partner without debiting their personal/carer’s leave balance. IEU will pursue the 14 weeks paid parental leave and 12 weeks partner leave for the next agreements.

Highly Accomplished

A new classification of Highly Accomplished teacher has been included at a rate of $129,050 per year from 1 February 2024.

Casual Rates

A new top rate for casual work (Step 9) of $548.95 per day.

Personal/Carer’s Leave - Teachers

Teachers will receive 15 days personal/carer’s leave upon commencement, with 15 days per year on an accrual basis for second and subsequent years. This is a reduction from 20 days accrued from commencement, but the 120-day cap on accumulation will be removed. Members employed at the time will have their balance transferred as at 1 February 2024.

Paid Natural Disaster Leave

Two days paid leave if a natural disaster is declared and the member is unable to attend work, their property is threatened, or is unable to gain access to their property.

Special Education Allowance

A new special education allowance for members appointed to teach or support teaching classes consisting solely or predominately of children with disabilities will be paid an allowance of $144.11 per fortnight.

What happens next

We are disappointed that the employers have been unwilling to accommodate a number of the IEU’s claims, for example, improving parental leave entitlements or increasing support staff salaries to match those paid in government schools. Nevertheless, we are advocating a YES vote based on the most recent concessions we have won and from feedback from Chapters that they would like this matter finalised before the Christmas break.

Please invite your colleagues to join to the IEUA to enjoy the many benefits of IEU membership and to strengthen our capacity to bargain in the future. Thank you for your support.

Authorised by Carol Matthews, Secretary, Independent Education Union of Australia NSW/ACT Branch The Briscoe Building 485 501 Wattle St Ultimo NSW 2007
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