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Benefits of providing this information online include the ease with which it can be kept up to date and the ability for it to be accessed wherever reps work. Reps should also have an IEU Reps Kit folder, which can be used in tandem with this site. However the support available for reps extends far beyond these resources. Reps should never feel they need to tackle issues alone. Stay in touch with your IEU officer and call the Union whenever you require clarification, support or advice. On behalf of the IEU Executive, officers, staff and your colleagues across the industry we thank you for your support and commitment.

The role of the rep

Every workplace should have a Union representative. Larger chapters may also decide to appoint a chapter chairperson and secretary as well. A meeting to elect these positions should be held either in the last two weeks of the school year or the first three weeks of Term 1. The school chapter is the fundamental unit of the Union's structure.

Representing members

As an elected IEU representative (rep) the main responsibility is to assist those members who elected you. This involves more than just helping with individual grievances. It also means that the representative must act as the link between the union office and rank and file members. The representative has a responsibility to keep up to date with what is happening in their industry and related union policies, and to keep members informed of union activities and services. For many members, the IEU representative is the Union. Regular personal contact with members is the best way for an IEU representative to gain the respect of members and to encourage their active involvement in the Union. Contact can be maintained by distributing information and talking to members either individually or in groups. In some schools or workplaces it will be possible to hold regular meetings to keep members up to date with union issues. Where this is not possible the IEU representative will need to consider other methods of maintaining regular contact. This could be through a telephone network, email, out of hours meeting etc. Occasionally chapter representatives might be asked to provide support for a colleague either by acting as a witness at an interview or more generally by providing advice or information. Reps are not expected to be industrial advocates. this is the role of full time officers and staff. The first rule of being a rep is "when in doubt consult your organiser".

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The NSW and ACT Catholic Systemic Schools Enterprise Agreement 2017 expires on 31 December this year.
Enterprise Agreements (EAs) for both teachers and support staff in your school expire on 31 December this year.


The following forms have been designed for calling meetings, taking minutes, conducting inspections and recruitment. They can be adapted by all schools and centres.

Contact the Union if you would like additional forms to be placed in this section.

Recruitment material

Membership forms

Meeting notification form

Attendance form

Minutes form

Workplace inspection form

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