Supporting the independent education community

Sustainability education

The Independent Education Union is committed to supporting educators in delivering sustainability education.

The Union does this via regular sustainability conferences and workshops, and in print and online through relevant news, local and international resources and case studies sharing the experiences of fellow members.

An active Environmental Committee also operates through the Independent Education Union.

If you would like to share sustainability resources and activities, please contact Alex Menyhart at 

Environment Conference 2015 notes


Neil Ormerod
Professor of Theology, Australian Catholic University.

ACU Profile

Articles at The Conversation

Google Scholar: Academic citations and publications

Australian Religious Response to Climate Change website 


Dr Mark Diesendorf
Associate Professor Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies UNSW Australia

Book Link: Sustainable energy solutions for climate change

Articles at The Conversation

UNSW Website Profile

Workshop: Sustainable Schools NSW network

Information from Mark Caddey

Sustainable schools

The Australian Association for Environmental Education (AAEE) is the peak professional body for people working in sustainability education.  You can join the Association for professional learning events.

Workshop: Creating the Global Orchestra

Charlie Chan and Justin Baird

Global Orchestra - Concert for the planet

Contact Info

The Global Orchestra uses music and technology to host large scale community events around the act of playing music.

Workshop:  Integrating Sustainability across the Australian Curriculum

Cool Australia flyer

Angela Andrews
Cool Australia

Cool Australia Slideshow

Workshop: Marine Studies

Glenn Lowe and Nick Blackman

Newsmonth: Steering students towards a sustainable future

Workshop: Taronga Zoo

Project Yellow-bellied Glider (IE Magazine)

Taronga Zoo education website

Workshop: Schooling 4 The Future
Panel and Round Table

Phil Smith, Richard Ryan, Brett Bennett and Craig Lang.

Click here to access information on Phil Smith's consultancy practice 

*People's Climate March

Thanks to all those IEU Members who attended the People's Climate March on November 27-29. A great turnout by a diverse group of unions and non-profit groups ensured more than 40,000 people took to the streets.

People's Climate March

Paris climate talks 2015

We will keep you up to date as more details come in.

Keep up to date with the news at The Conversation.


Printed Resources

Green Grants grow nurturing communities

Learning to tread more lightly - profile on Federal Labor's Early Childhood Education Minister

Link to the world outside your classroom

Dive into an ocean of knowledge

A better world in 13 years? Agenda 2013 - the UN Sustainable Development Goals