Supporting the independent education community

Workplace health & safety

Thanks to union campaigning, NSW has comprehensive work health and safety legislation.

The IEU has played a key role in campaigning for better health, safety and welfare provision for teachers in NSW.

We support the work of the ACTU in campaigning for safer, healthier workplaces and in helping unions and occupational health and safety representatives address problems at work.

The Union is also taking a leading role in educating our members about the Act.


Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (NSW) + Regulations

IEU OHS Policy

Your Union working for you

The IEU is an active participant in the Work Health and Safety regime, providing support and education to our members while also contributing on a national level.

We publish materials for the use of all Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) and detailed advisory documents on common health and safety problems. We also keep branch secretaries up to date on health and safety matters.

The IEU has specialist officers in the areas of health and safety who are available for advice and assistance.