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Why go on exchange?

Exchanges are more challenging and more rewarding than simple vacations. They enable you to:

Experience another education system

    •    Share the strengths of an overseas country's world class education system
    •    Expand you knowledge of another country
    •    Enrich your school culture through the visiting foreign teacher
    •    Develop long-lasting friendships
    •    Experience another way of life

An exchange?

An exchange is the direct swap of your position and accommodation.
You are paid by your home employer and you must return to your own teaching position at the end of exchange.
The year away is counted as a year of service; your conditions remain the same.
You must have a minimum of five years teaching experience (although negotiable in some provinces in Canada).
Your spouse may work overseas and be paid in the local currency.
Your children may attend local schools; there are no school fees in Catholic/public schools.

A successful exchange?

Will enrich the local school culture. It makes you appreciate and reflect about what is good in your home school system and what new strategies you return with that will further augment your teaching presence.
Be open and flexible, with an adventurous spirit. Be willing to reflect about and learn new strategies to become a more enriched member of the teaching community. Be willing to share.
To meet the challenges and to maximize the opportunities available, you will need to be empowered and motivated to engage personal responsibility in the community at local, national and international levels.  In our global society, you will require ability to understand and work with openness and diversity.
You must be prepared to step out of your comfort zone and embrace for one year a totally different lifestyle knowing that, at the end, you'll be a thousand experiences richer and ultimately, you'll be a stronger person.
For further information on the exchange program,  call Helen Gregory on 8202 8900 or 1800 467 943.

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