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Exchange opportunities

Some fantastic exchange opportunities commencing January 2020 are available. An exchange is the direct swap of your position and your accommodation; your year away is counted as a year of service; your conditions remain the same; you are paid by your home employer (there is lots to claim on tax including airfares); your children may attend local schools (and pay no school fees); you will have the best time of your life!

Next year there is also the chance to go on a double teacher exchange. These are rare opportunities!

It could be an IEU/DET exchange also; these have been done in the past (ie one teacher works in a Catholic school and the other in a public school as long as both are Catholic!).

For more information on these exchanges and on the program itself, please call Helen Gregory on 8202 8900 or 1800 467 943. You can download an application from the IEU’s website – (teacher exchange); or email with an expression of interest.


Canada, January 2020


Jamie teaches Grade 5 French Immersion at Broadview Public School in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada.  Students are 10 years old and have been taught in French for the majority of the school day since they were six years old. The school represents a rich diversity of families with three quarters of the school population enrolled in the French Immersion program. Jamie is married with three daughters and has a four bedroom home in Quebec available for exchange;  just across the river from Ottawa.  The home was built in 1930 by a Member of Parliament and is on two acres of land and includes an in-ground swimming pool and a barn and horse stables. What a spot!


Collingwood, Ontario– 
Katy teaches PE and Maths at Jean Vanier Catholic High School in Collingwood. She is Catholic and also qualified to teach Religion and there would be flexibility for the incoming teacher. Katy is married to Todd who is a Science/Biology teacher at a secondary school in Collingwood. They ideally would love a double exchange but would take a single. Kay and Todd have been on exchange before when their three boys were young; the whole family loved it and they stayed two years (both exchanges through the IEU)! The boys are now in post secondary education. A beautiful four bedroom home in Collingwood with a hot tub is available for exchange. Collingwood is a popular exchange destination (at least one exchange a year for the past six years); it is nestled on the shores of Georgian Bay and the Blue Mountains surround the town. Blue Mountain Ski Resort is the popular local ski hill but there are many private ski clubs as well. The city is the gateway to the Blue Mountain Ski Resort with lots of downhill and cross country trails.

Toronto, Ontario – 
Paul teaches Elementary Physical Education at Blessed Sacrament Catholic School in Toronto. He is qualified to teach up to Grade 9 and coaches many sports. Paul has just taken his cricket team to City Hall to meet the Mayor of Toronto and collect the Mayor’s Cup as the city championship team. The school is located in Bedford Park in Toronto which was recently named the best neighbourhood to live in Toronto and attracts children from families with the highest income in Canada. Look up and


Paul is single, Catholic and has a four bedroom/two bathroom home with oak floors, doors and trim available for exchange in Toronto, close to many live music venues, bars and restaurants. It has a front porch to sit on and watch the world go by. The incoming teacher needs to be a Catholic. This could be either a September 2018 or January 2019 start. Both work well!

 Toronto, Ontario– 

Nathalie teaches French as a Second Language and Media Literacy (in English) at Jackman Avenue Junior Public School in Toronto. She has excellent references and qualifications to teach Primary, Junior, Intermediate and Senior. Nathalie was born in France and is married with two daughters and lives in a three bedroom home in downtown Toronto. The neighbourhood is trendy and very walkable.   Trendy Toronto! 



Calgary, Alberta
Food Studies/Fashions

Another top exchange opportunity has become available in a top location ie Calgary - Home of the Famous Stampede!


Jodie teaches Food Studies and Fashions (Career and Technology Foundations) at St Vincent de Paul Catholic School in Calgary Alberta.  Jodie is young, single, Catholic, creative and has great references.  The incoming teacher should ideally be a Catholic.


Jodie has a two-bedroom home in Calgary which has been recently renovated by herself, refurbishing and re-using furniture using her creative side.


Calgary is a sophisticated city with breathtaking landscapes in every direction, including the great Canadian Rockies at your doorstep.  You can explore golfing, hiking, horseback riding, snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking and white-water rafting adventures in the area. 



 Robert teaches French Immersion Kindergarten at Ecole Heights Elementary School in Prince George.  He is qualified to teach K-12 French and PE/English and has a Bachelor of Arts from Harvard University.  Robert is married with four children and has a four bedroom home available for exchange.  Prince George has a population of 80,000 and is the largest city north of Vancouver and the Okanagan.  It is an outdoor sporting paradise with ski hills, outstanding hiking trails and hundreds of lakes nearby.  It is the hub of central and northern British Columbia! 





Another top exchange opportunity has become available in a top location ie Surrey in Vancouver BC commencing January 2020.  A Dance exchange only pops up every now and then!


Lucie teaches DANCE at Fleetwood Park Secondary School in Surrey, just south of Vancouver.  She is qualified to teach Phys Ed and is also a French teacher with a Masters in French Literature.   The incoming teacher would teach Dance to Grades 8 to 12.  Lucie is part of the Fine Arts Department and has a beautiful dance studio with a full time dance program.  She also supervises dance teams after school.  Fleetwood Park is known as a choice school in the district due to all that it offers students.  Lucie is involved in numerous initiatives to promote dance in the district and beyond and is a member of the Surrey Secondary Dance Teacher’s association.


Lucie is Catholic, married and has a four bedroom home in White Rock available for exchange.  White Rock is a beautiful neighborhood by the ocean;  there are lots of nice beaches there with walking, hiking trails and ski hills not far away.



United States, January 2020

Silverton, Colorado – 

Paul teaches Technology; and is also a teacher of Science, Life Science, Environmental Science and Maths at Silverton Public School. There would be lots of flex for the incoming teacher. Silverton is a unique school in many ways; they travel to lots of other communities and states; field trips to other parts of Colorado and to the east and west coast of the US to explore their expedition topics.

Silverton is a small K-12 school in a remote mountain area; lots of snow and high altitude; stunningly beautiful all year round and a tourism economy. In the summer, a tourist train comes to town every day and a couple of thousand tourists roam the streets admiring the mountains and quaint Victorian Era architecture. 


Paul is married with two boys who ski and climb and raft desert rivers and ride their bikes every day. Their lovely three bedroom home is on the Animas River and directly across the river is their own small town run ski area; you can watch people ski from their hot tub on their deck. Every child in Silverton automatically gets a ski pass to the ski mountain every year and all teachers ski every Friday and instruct if they can! Paul coaches climbing, soccer and skiing and is a member of the local Search and Rescue Team.


Teachers do not leave this school and many of them have been there for 15+ years. It has a state of the art gym and all teachers and spouses have 24 hours access to the facility.


Silverton is surrounded by ski mountains, national parks and native American heritage sites. A top 30 ‘Best Small Town for Winter Sports’! This is a top exchange opportunity for the right person and family. What an experience! Look up


Colorado Springs, Colorado

An exchange opportunity for a Special Education Teacher in Colorado Springs has become available commencing January 2020. 


Michelle teaches at the Academy for Advanced & Creative Learning School in Colorado Springs; an amazing public charter school.


Michelle has a Master’s degree in Technology, a Juris Doctorate (a law degree), a Master’s degree in Special Education and an endorsement in Gifted and Talented Education. She also works with the state of Colorado to develop curriculum. Michelle is also the Lead Coach at the Academy’ Best Robotics team and hence a Robotics coach. She is a dedicate teacher, is Christian, and has excellent references.


Michelle is married to Greg, a lawyer, and has two children. The family are avid cyclists, rock climbers, runners and swimmers. A lovely four bedroom home not far from school is available for exchange. Colorado Springs and its surroundings has a plethora of parks and trails for hiking, running, cycling, and mountain biking. It has more than 50 area attractions including trains, museums, parks, a zoo and the US Olympic Training Centre.


Download the noticeboard flyer here


Double teacher exchange: Canada January 2020

Red Deer, Alberta

Computers and Science


Brice teaches Computers/Robotics at Notre Dame High School in Red Deer (he is also qualified to teach Social Studies).  Brice is married to Lindsay who teaches Science (can also teach Biology and Chemistry) at Hunting Hills high School in Red Deer.  Both are Catholic and have two children; and a four bedroom/four bathroom home available for exchange in Red Deer. There is an IEU exchange in Red Deer this year and loves it!  It is the third largest city in Alberta situated on the Red Deer River and a 1.5 hour drive to either Edmonton or Calgary.  Ski hills, cross country ski trails and golf courses (three) to enjoy!  Top spot!


Collingwood, Ontario

Phys Ed/Maths/Science


Katy teaches PE and Maths and Jean Vanier Catholic School in Collingwood; a popular exchange destination.  Todd teaches PE and Science at Collingwood Collegiate Institute in Collingwood.  Both are Catholics but the incoming teachers do not need to be.  This is the second exchange for both Katy and Todd.  Their children are now at universities and they have a four bedroom home available for exchange.  Collingwood has hosted over six exchanges in the past few years and all have loved it and want to go back.  Ski hills and hiking trails are at your back door. Another top one!


2 week exchange - Job Shadowing

Alberta, Canada October 2019

Rhonda is a passionate Alberta kindergarten teacher seeking to job shadow with another female primary Australian educator for approximately 2 weeks in 2020. Rhonda and her family enjoy biking, hiking, cross-country skiing and trail running. 

She would be hosted by you for approximately 2 weeks in late July 2019 and then host you in her Alberta home and school during your October 2019 term break.

Alberta, Canada October 2019

Jennifer is passionate about Early Childhood Education and would like to shadow a position that focuses on the younger students in a primary setting. Her school is home to a science alternative and inquiry program. She enjoys the outdoors, boating, and swimming.

She would be hosted by you for approximately 2 weeks in late July 2019 and then host you in her Alberta home and school during your October 2019 term break.

Alberta, Canada October 2019

Janice is a primary teacher at a rural school seeking to job shadow with another Australian educator for approximately 2 weeks in 2019, preferably to see how distance education unfolds elsewhere in a rural or remote setting. Janice enjoys travel, sports and spending time with her family, a busy life with 4 boys!

She would be hosted by you for approximately 2 weeks in late July and then host you in her Alberta home and school during your October 2019 term break.