Supporting the independent education community


Through every stage of your career, your Union is here for You, representing you industrially and professionally and supporting your individual needs in your workplace.

Student teachers may access free membership for a limited period in your final year of studies. When you are starting out, the IEU provides assistance for New Scheme Teachers in meeting Institute of Teachers requirements, including access to Institute-registered courses.

The Union also provides a range of other popular and practical conferences and training opportunities of great value and interest wherever you are in your career.

The industrial representation provided by your Union ensures you and your colleagues maintain hard-won conditions, receive regular pay-rises and continue to make gains for your profession. For any individual needs, so long as you are already a member at the time the issue arises, the Union is just a phonecall away.  

At the end of your career, the Union is still here for you, with access to the Retired Members Association open to all retired members.

Your workplace news

  • Christian schools Enterprise Agreement bargaining

    Christian schools Enterprise Agreement (EA) bargaining is underway for teachers in about 50 NSW Christian schools, but members are not happy with some of the proposals.The Union is working on their behalf.

    20 Feb 2018
  • Principals under stress

    The IEU thanks its principal members for their participation in the longitudinal...

    19 Feb 2018
  • NESA still struggling

    Principals may be aware that NESA is still having problems processing teachers’ accreditation.

    18 Feb 2018
  • Save the date

    School leaders are invited to attend the IEU’s Woman’s Conference ‘Changing the Rules for Working Women and for our Students in their Future Workplaces’ on Friday 24 August.

    18 Feb 2018
  • International movement and you

    Education International’s Task Force on Education Support Personnel aims...

    18 Feb 2018