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Why join us

The IEU represents members in industrial and professional matters to achieve regular improvements to your pay and conditions. We provide individual support for specific issues and amplify your collective voice to ensure you are heard on industrial concerns and education policy. For any issues or queries regarding your working life, your IEU Organiser is just a phone call or email away. Phone (02) 8202 8900 or (toll free) 1800 467 943 or contact us.

Better pay and conditions

We fight for (and win) better salaries and improved conditions in your workplace

Support and payment recovery

In the last 6 years, the IEU has recovered nearly $17 million for members

A professional voice through advocacy

The union participates in many forums to advocate the interests of our members

Industrial advice and support

Every IEU member is entitled to the support of the union on any industrial or professional matter

Better pay and conditions

Like any trade union, the IEU exists to protect and advance its members’ interests. We fight for (and win) better salaries and improved conditions in your workplaces.

Industrial advice and support

Our staff provide information, advice and representation on all issues affecting your employment and working conditions. This includes protection from unfair dismissal to advice on salary and payment matters, your leave entitlements, issues of legal liability and the general rights and responsibilities of teachers and school staff.

Any member with a problem or enquiry should seek immediate assistance from the IEU: ieu@ieu.asn.au, Sydney (02) 8202 8900, Parramatta (02) 8633 2100, Canberra (02) 6120 1500, Newcastle (02) 4926 9400 or Lismore (02) 6623 4700. Country members can contact the IEU toll free on 1800 467 9435

Professional voice through advocacy

The IEU is committed to advancing the professional voice of teachers and staff in schools, colleges, early childhood services or other non-government education institutions.

The union is represented on many educational bodies and forums at the state and national levels.

We provide a strong collective professional voice and advocate for your interests through industrial campaigning, relevant policy formulation, targeted publications, and our media presence.

Professional development events

We aim to deliver regular and relevant professional learning opportunities for members through workshops, conferences, courses and training.

Read more about these here.

Additional benefits

As a union member, you are entitled to access other benefits that enhance your lifestyle and well-being, including opportunities for retail, recreation, travel, health cover and financial benefits.

The greater the membership strength of the union, the more benefits we are able to bring to members. We also continue to source and procure additional opportunities to complement our existing suite of benefits to further assist our members professionally and personally.

Read more about the additional benefits of membership here.

Non member policy

No assistance or advice will be given to non-members or to new members on serious matters relating to their employment which arose prior to joining. New members who join at the appropriate rate may seek an exemption from this policy in exceptional circumstances. Such exemptions may only be granted by the Secretary or an elected officer in response to a written application setting out the circumstances.

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