Who We Are

The Independent Education Union NSW/ACT is the union for teachers and support staff in non-government schools, colleges and early childhood education and care (ECEC).

We are committed to fostering excellence in education, advocating for fair working conditions, professional development, and a just, thriving learning environment for all. Our mission is to empower and support those who shape the future of education.

For any issues or queries regarding your professional life, your IEU Organiser is just a phone call away.

Phone (02) 8202 8900 or (toll free) 1800 467 943 or contact us

We are stronger together

Organisational structure

The Independent Education Union is structured in a way that best meets the needs of our members. We are divided into geographical subbranches, each of which elects member delegates to Council every two years. Council is the decision-making body of the union, bringing together member delegates from around NSW and the ACT, it meets four times a year, with an Annual General Meeting in October. Council has approximately 90 delegates. Our Executive of 22 is elected directly every three years by members.

Our History

Since our initial foundation in the 1950's as the Assistant Masters' Association (AMA), the Independent Education Union NSW/ACT has undergone significant growth and change in its almost 70 year proud history of representing the rights of teachers and support staff in non-government education. Over the years, we have achieved several milestones, facing legislative changes and major campaigns in education. We have grown to a union membership of over 30,000 members since. Please read more about our history here.

IEU Executive

  • Carol Matthews
  • David Towson
    Deputy Secretary
  • Lyn Caton
    Assistant Secretary
  • Vacant
    Assistant Secretary
  • Tina Ruello
  • Libby Lockwood
    Deputy President
  • Vacant
    Vice President Systemic
  • Helen Templeton
    Vice President Non-Systemic
  • Kylie Booth-Martinez
    Vice President Support Staff
  • Michelle Thompson
    Vice President ECS
  • Angela McDonald
    Vice President ACT
  • Denise McHugh
    Financial Officer
  • Suzanne Penson
    Financial Officer
  • Nicole Downey
    General Executive
  • Sarah Gardiner
    General Executive
  • Simon Goss
    General Executive
  • Elizabeth Heggart
    General Executive
  • Glenn Lowe
    General Executive
  • Anna Luedi
    General Executive
  • Peter Moore
    General Executive
  • Christine Wilkinson
    General Executive
  • Amanda Wood
    General Executive