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Professional development and training

The IEU empowers members by providing essential information and valuable resources.  

Staying informed about current developments in education and the latest workplace negotiations is crucial. 

The IEU Professional Engagement team supports members by providing professional learning opportunities and resources such as the Accreditation at Proficient Handbook and the Reps Handbook, and through advocacy to government and other professional bodies. 

The IEU also provides annual or bi-annual conferences for specialised sectors of its membership such as early childhood teachers and school support staff, and for specific aspects of union engagement such as gender equity and the environment. 

Detailed information about IEU courses and events regularly appears in Newsmonth and other publications. Professional support materials, brochures, and guides can be found in the resources tab on this website. 

For more information members can contact the union office (8202 8900) or email the professional engagement team at pd@ieu.asn.au 

Professional Engagement Committee

The Professional Engagement Committee serves as an avenue for keeping members informed and engaged in discussions pertaining to the current challenges within the education profession.

Chaired by the Professional Engagement Coordinator, this committee is a great way for members to keep up to date with peak bodies such as NESA, policy changes in professional development, and discussions concerning accreditation processes. This committee also provides a platform for dialogue and feedback to inform union activities and policy direction.