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  • Where is our Enterprise Agreement really at?

    IEU has received many questions from members in Catholic systemic schools on the progress of the current EA discussions with CCER. The Catholic employers have been spreading misinformation on the status of the Agreement and the IEU will clarify what is actually occurring (especially re the dispute over arbitration) through a Facebook Live Q&A event, this Thursday 17 August at 4 pm.

    24 Aug 2017
  • Petitions show strong support for Union

    IEU has received signed petitions from over 300 schools, with more rolling in every day, in support of the Union’s position calling on the “Diocesan Director to resolve all outstanding matters in the proposed NSW and ACT agreement including the right to arbitration.”

    22 Aug 2017
  • NAPLAN online raises members' concerns

    IEU has received numerous concerns from members about the current testing of NAPLAN Online in schools.

    22 Aug 2017
  • IEU Q&A Facebook Live August

    On Facebook Live yesterday, IEU Secretary John Quessy answered members' questions about its dispute with CCER over the new Enterprise Agreement for Catholic systemic schools, especially in regards to arbitration.

    18 Aug 2017
  • Environment Committee announces winners of the IEU Environment Grants 2017

    The IEU Environment Committee is delighted to announce the winners of the IEU Environment Grants 2017 sponsored by Teachers Mutual Bank (TMB).

    17 Aug 2017
  • Postal survey on marriage equality

    The Australian Government has proposed a postal survey on the question of Marriage Equality.

    15 Aug 2017
  • News release: Teachers should not sign NAPLAN confidentiality agreement

    The Independent Education Union (IEU) is advising its members not to sign confidentiality agreements in relation to the administration of NAPLAN online testing.

    14 Aug 2017
  • IEU releases petition to resolve outstanding issues with EA

    On Friday 11 August, IEU requested members to sign a petition to be submitted to CCER to resolve outstanding issues with the proposed EA, including those surrounding arbitration.

    14 Aug 2017
  • Update: Catholic employers oppose the right to take protected action

    By 2 August 2017, over 500 schools across NSW and the ACT supported the IEU motion to commence the process for protected action ballots. Given this overwhelming response, the Union applied to the Fair Work Commission for protected action ballot orders (PABOs).

    10 Aug 2017
  • IEU calls for 10 days paid family and domestic violence leave

    IEU has urged members to sign a petition in a bid to have ten days paid family and domestic violence leave included in the National Employment Standards.

    08 Aug 2017