Christian Schools

Christian Schools

We campaign for better salaries and better working conditions for you in Christian Schools

The IEU extends its services to teachers and support staff working in Christian Schools which are spread throughout NSW and the ACT. Christian schools are founded on Christian values and principles and they form a substantive part of the non government school sector. 

A majority of the Christian schools are represented by Christian Schools Australia, the largest association for Christian schools in Australia. A smaller group of Christian Schools are represented by the Association for Independent Schools NSW. 

Like the independent schools, most of the Christian schools are covered under multi-enterprise agreements (‘MEA’) which have been negotiated between the IEU and the relevant employer representative. There are separate MEAs which provide for terms and conditions of employment for teaching staff and non-teaching staff. In NSW, the MEA covers approximately 31 Christian schools whilst the ACT MEA covers 3 Christian schools. All other Christian schools have their own single enterprise agreements. 

Through the enterprise bargaining process, the IEU continues to fight for better pay and working conditions for its members across all sectors, including the Christian schools. The IEU ensures that favourable conditions for teachers and support staff are preserved throughout the non government schools sector.