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  • Through every stage of your career, your Union is here for You, representing you industrially and professionally and supporting your individual needs in your workplace.
  • Pre-service teachers may access free membership during your initial teacher education degree. The Union runs a range of pre-service teacher and accreditation workshops throughout the year which you may attend.
  • The Union also provides a range of practical professional development and union training courses which are useful throughout your career.
  • The Union also provides a range of other popular and practical conferences and training opportunities of great value and interest wherever you are in your career.
  • The industrial representation provided by your Union ensures you and your colleagues maintain hard-won conditions, receive regular pay-rises and continue to make gains for your profession. For any individual needs, so long as you are already a member at the time the issue arises, the Union is just a phonecall away.  
  • At the end of your career, the Union is still here for you, with access to the Retired Members Association open to all retired members.

Your workplace news

  • COVID-19 and returning to school

    Principals and their staff are dealing with a range of issues in relation to COVID, WHS and the return to school.

    04 Oct 2021
  • World Teachers' Day: Teachers Leading in crisis, re-imagining the future

    Internationally it is held on 5 October, but since this usually falls in school holidays, Australia traditionally celebrates the day on the last Friday in October.

    01 Oct 2021
  • What’s in the Nest?

    Do you need to update your organisation’s policies? The Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY) resource, The Nest, might be helpful.

    01 Oct 2021
  • Access to free resources

    The National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature (NCACL) has a free database for teachers and educators to find children’s books about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

    01 Oct 2021
  • Professionalism in the ACT – have your say

    The Teacher Quality Institute (TQI) Teacher Registration Committee is considering extending the teacher registration model to accept all qualified early childhood teachers (ECTs) in the ACT. In NSW all early childhood teachers are accredited with NESA.

    01 Oct 2021