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  • High Court backs unions' constitutional challenge

    The High Court has today unanimously upheld a Unions NSW challenge to the validity of state election funding laws that curtail spending by "third party campaigners" such as unions.

    29 Jan 2019
  • Paul Murphy: lawyer motivated to creating a more equitable society

    Paul Murphy: April 4, 1952 - December 19, 2018. Paul Murphy is a former IEU staffer. This piece first appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald.

    29 Jan 2019
  • Inaugural International Day of Education

    UNESCO and the United Nations General Assembly have proclaimed January 24 as the first International Day of Education, aiming to raise awareness of the imperative for access to equitable quality education around the world.

    24 Jan 2019
  • Early childhood sector seeks commitment from NSW Government

    More than 25 stakeholders from the early childhood sector have collectively signed a letter requesting a commitment from the NSW Government to affordable, high quality early learning for young learners.

    21 Jan 2019
  • Good start to 2019!

    Teachers and centre directors working for Goodstart will be coming back to work in 2019 with a pay rise set to be implented in February.

    17 Jan 2019
  • Commission determines Maitland - Newcastle CSO dispute

    The Fair Work Commission has handed down its decision regarding the long running dispute brought by the Union on behalf of 35 staff from Maitland-Newcastle CSO.

    16 Jan 2019
  • Christian Schools EAs in force

    In late December the Fair Work Commission approved two new enterprise agreements that will apply to teaching staff in nearly fifty NSW Christian schools.

    15 Jan 2019
  • Pay increases for many Catholic school teachers following new EA

    Christmas came early for a number of teachers in Sydney Catholic Schools following one member’s query about their eligibility to ‘jump’ Step 10 following the introduction of the new 2017 NSW and ACT Catholic Systemic Schools Enterprise Agreement (EA).

    15 Jan 2019
  • IEU offices reopened

    IEU offices are reopening now after their shutdown over the festive break, with everyone fully rested and ready for a big year ahead.

    14 Jan 2019
  • Labor pledges to address gender pay gap

    In a policy announcement at the Labor National Conference this week, Labor pledged to address gender pay equity under a Shorten Labor government, benefitting women working in female dominated industries such as early childhood education.

    19 Dec 2018