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  • ACTU update: JobKeeper - eligibility, rights and entitlements

    Last night, the JobKeeper legislation passed through Parliament. This means $130 billion in wage subsidies will now go directly to workers to save millions of jobs. The Coronavirus Workers’ Rights Resource Centre has put together some resources to help you understand what it means for working people including eligibility, rights (including health and safety), entitlements and changes made to the law.

    09 Apr 2020
  • Union seeks clarity: NSW government’s six months of preschool funding

    The IEU, representing teachers in early childhood education throughout NSW and ACT, has been calling and lobbying intensively for specific funding and security for teachers and staff in preschools and early childhood centres in the past few months.

    09 Apr 2020
  • ACTU media release: Historic win for working people as $130 billion wage subsidy passes

    In a win for millions of workers the Morrison Government – which three weeks ago ruled out a wage subsidy of any kind – has committed to a $130 billion over six months wage subsidy program; JobKeeper.

    09 Apr 2020
  • IEU advice for ELICOS members

    The current COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented public health emergency, causing great destruction and disruption to all areas of life. This is especially so in the post secondary college sector, including English, Business and VET colleges.

    08 Apr 2020
  • IEUA writes to Minister for Education Dan Tehan - 6 April

    Chris Watt, Federal Secretary of the Independent Education Union of Australia, has written to the Minister for Education on behalf of all IEUA branches, regarding the recent JobKeeper announcements.

    08 Apr 2020
  • Statement from ACTU Secretary Sally McManus on JobKeeper wage subsidy

    The ACTU has worked with the Attorney General over several days proposing changes to draft legislation to enact the JobKeeper payments.

    07 Apr 2020
  • Suggested alternative duties for non-teaching staff

    The IEU has prepared a document of suggestions for alternative duties for Teacher's Aides (CSAs, LSOs, LSAs) Specialist Teachers, and other Support Staff in order to ensure continuity of employment during the online/remote working period. Note: these are suggestions only, there may well be other contextual needs for your school.

    07 Apr 2020
  • Jobs saved - and now for lives

    Are all teachers’ jobs in the early childhood sector saved under the numerous changes that were announced last week? Or in the blitz of new announcements and funding of services, will some early childhood teachers and educators be out of a job by next week?

    06 Apr 2020
  • Early childhood education and care workers: Minimising the risk of exposure to COVID-19

    Safe Work Australia has published new information and resources with advice on how to minimise the risk of exposure to COVID-19 in your workplace and help limit the spread.

    06 Apr 2020
  • IEU disputes support staff stand downs at FWC

    The IEU has today taken a stand down dispute to the FWC – relating to support staff at All Saints Grammar at Belmore. The affected staff are mainly teacher’s aides or admin staff.

    03 Apr 2020