Supporting the independent education community


  • Tribute to Bob Hawke

    At the most recent council meeting, the IEU passed this motion in memory of Bob Hawke.

    26 Jun 2019
  • News Release: Union fighting for early childhood teachers

    After nearly six years the IEU claim for university-qualified early childhood teachers is finally before the Fair Work Commission.

    20 Jun 2019
  • IEU case gets coverage in leading newspapers

    It's the battle for equal remuneration for teachers in early learning. Read this but see upcoming Newsmonth arriving in mailboxes soon.

    19 Jun 2019
  • 2019 IEU Environment Grants sponsored by TMB

    It’s the third year that these highly successful IEU/TMB Environment Grants have been awarded.

    18 Jun 2019
  • More testing and assessments

    There's been a proliferation of testing and assessment regimes. Principals came together to discuss this burgeoning problem...

    18 Jun 2019
  • IEU Biennial Environment Conference

    This year the IEU is taking our conference to the beautiful Field of Mars Environmental Education Centre...

    18 Jun 2019
  • Another voice for you

    Being a principal requires enormous resilience and self awareness and not everyone is prepared when they take on the role...

    18 Jun 2019
  • Wasn't this for positive support?

    The Principal Standard was reportedly for principals’ support and development, not disciplinary purposes.

    18 Jun 2019
  • ERO and Work Value Case

    The Union headed back to the Fair Work Commission (FWC) on Tuesday 11 June as we enter into the final stages of our ongoing Equal Remuneration Order (ERO) and Work Value cases.

    18 Jun 2019
  • IEUA NSW/ACT 2019 Support Staff Conference

    Our values are a fundamental part of who we are – our guiding principles. The 2019 Support Staff Conference will explore how our core values represent our highest priorities and are deeply held driving forces.

    17 Jun 2019