Supporting the independent education community


  • Media Release - Parental Rights Bill: Unworkable and unsafe

    The release of the NSW Parliament Committee Report on the Parental Rights Bill is a disappointment. The worst aspects of the Bill’s attack on teacher professionalism have not been addressed, and the IEU calls on all NSW politicians to reject the proposed legislation in its entirety.

    07 Sep 2021
  • Media Release: Return to schools - ACT consults while NSW creates confusion

    The Independent Education Union NSW/ACT Branch, which represents 32,000 teachers and support staff, welcomes the ACT Government’s prompt move to prioritise school staff for vaccination. The IEU wrote to ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr on 18 August, requesting priority vaccination for school staff.

    03 Sep 2021
  • Celebrate early childhood teachers and educators

    On Early Childhood Educators’ Day 2021, we offer a heartfelt thank you for the teachers and educators working in early childhood settings. Thank you for the vitally important role you play in the lives of children and their families.

    01 Sep 2021
  • COVID Miscellany

    The IEU and the broader union movement are pushing for several measures to ease the pandemic burden on employees.

    31 Aug 2021
  • Vaccinations

    All school staff in NSW are now required to be fully vaccinated. This does not yet apply to post-secondary colleges but employers may introduce similar mandates.

    31 Aug 2021
  • Future Trends

    Australia is well-placed to position itself as a COVID-safe destination for international students when our international borders open.

    31 Aug 2021
  • The state of the industry

    There’s little doubt that the past 18 months have been the most difficult period for the post-secondary education sector in Australia’s history.

    31 Aug 2021
  • Equal Pay Day 2021

    Equal Pay Day this year will be marking the 61 additional days from the end of the previous financial year that women must work to earn the same pay as men. In 2020, the number of additional days was 59.

    30 Aug 2021
  • IEU NSW/ACT Branch Position Statement on Mandatory Vaccinations

    The IEU, along with the rest of the union movement and other civic organisations, supports the concept of public health and acknowledges the role of vaccinations in reducing COVID-19 at work and preventing serious illness.

    27 Aug 2021
  • Media Release: Return to school: close consultation is crucial

    The IEU calls for an urgent roundtable with non-government school employers, NSW Health and NSW Department of Education to unpack the complex logistics of the staged return to schools proposed by the NSW Government this morning.

    27 Aug 2021