Supporting the independent education community


  • In memory of Lindy Farrant

    The Parkes community has mourned the loss of Lindy Farrant, the first and long-serving director of Parkes Early Childhood Centre. Farrant was a strong IEU member and advocate, and an inspiration to early childhood education, not just in the Parkes community but within the region and the state.

    13 Sep 2020
  • Budget blues

    On Tuesday 6 October, Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Treasurer Josh Frydenberg handed down the federal budget for 2020-21, after it was delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

    13 Sep 2020
  • Teacher accreditation PD

    Have you completed the Professional Development required to maintain your accreditation?

    13 Sep 2020
  • Early childhood teachers are not cleaners

    Recently the Department of Education published advice regarding deep cleaning after an expected outbreak of COVID-19. The Department advised that there was no need for specialised cleaners and that your normal cleaner could perform the task.

    11 Sep 2020
  • NewsExtra: NSW Christian schools teaching staff MEA 2021

    NSW Christian schools have circulated a Notice of Representational Rights, the first step in bargaining for a new MEA.The proposed MEA will be negotiated between the union and the representatives of the schools, Christian Schools Australia (CSA) and Prolegis, a legal firm that has been appointed by Christian Education National (CEN) schools.

    10 Sep 2020
  • COVID-safe guidelines issued to schools ahead of HSC exams

    Schools across NSW have received guidelines to support planning for the Higher School Certificate (HSC) written exams that start on 20 October.

    09 Sep 2020
  • IEUA statement on school funding

    The IEUA welcomes today’s investigative report by the ABC into school funding. The IEUA has urged greater transparency and accountability in school funding arrangements for over three decades.

    02 Sep 2020
  • Celebrate early childhood education and care workers

    Today on Early Childhood Educators day, we celebrate our workers in early childhood education and care, the teachers and educators, and recognise the vital contribution they make to the lives of children, families, and our country as a whole.

    02 Sep 2020
  • BREAKING: Catholic Independent Schools (Model B and C) vote in favour of four new Multi-Enterprise Agreements

    Congratulations to members working in Catholic Independent Schools (Model B and C) on your emphatic support for four new Multi-Enterprise Agreements for teachers and support staff - 98.83% in favour.

    31 Aug 2020
  • Free online; Educators Wellbeing Workshop

    Dr Adam Fraser, with the support of Teachers Mutual Bank, are offering educators a free online workshop to share evidence-based research and practical tangible methods to tap into. ‘The Third Space’ and help you develop behavioural agility.

    31 Aug 2020