Catholic systemic school reps: They’re beginning to hear our voice!

They’re beginning to hear our voice! 

The teacher pay rise announced by the NSW Government of 12% for beginning teachers and 8% at the top of the scale, beginning in October 2023, is an opportunity to rebuild the profession from the ground up. This increase will flow to teachers in all NSW Catholic systemic schools.   

Alongside this win for teachers, we’ve also finally achieved pay parity for Catholic systemic school support staff. Improved parental leave for both mothers and partners is also a major gain.   

The 2022 stop work action by IEU members in NSW and the ACT, including the joint stop work with the NSW Teachers Federation, was crucial in achieving these wins.  

We will continue to fight to address teacher workload. Key focus areas are:  

  •  Streamlining compliance measures and eliminating those not legally required 
  • Removing unnecessary repetition and detail in program requirements 
  • Simplifying the teacher accreditation process 
  • Improving support for graduate teachers and their mentors 
  • Providing collaborative planning time for new curriculum   

And an end to staff shortages.  

Now is the time for any colleagues who have not yet joined the union to do so. 

Below are two flyers you can use when talking to your colleagues about our collective power as a union, what we’ve won, and what we’re still fighting for. Get the word out about our wins and sign them up to the union!

Get in touch with your IEU Organiser if you have any questions or ideas for organising in your chapter.