Newsmonth February 2024

Welcome to 2024 and your first issue of Newsmonth for the year. This edition is digital only. You can access the publication through the links below.

We’ve begun the year with a big win, securing strong pay rises and improved conditions in new multi-enterprise agreements for teachers and support staff in Catholic independent schools Models A, B and C (about 40 schools in total). In the process, we defeated a last-minute obstacle from the employers to ensure they honoured their commitment to back pay.

Congratulations to the members in these schools, and thank you for your commitment throughout this lengthy bargaining process.

We asked for your top tips for beginning teachers, and you were generous with your wise advice. We’ve included a broad selection, including the most popular tip: Join your union.

In her column, Secretary Carol Matthews says that after big wins in the Catholic sector in 2023, it’s the independent schools’ turn to come to the bargaining table; while Deputy Secretary David Towson offers a refresher on wage theft. Spoiler alert: The IEU recovered $1.8 million in underpayments for members in 2023 alone.

Ever mindful of work intensification issues, we note that documentation should be decreasing, and we remind you of your rights and obligations around child protection, with some sobering statistics.

Read these stories and more in this issue of Newsmonth. We encourage you to share this email with your colleagues and invite them to join the IEU.

Carol Matthews, Secretary 

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