Newsmonth May 2024

Welcome to your third issue of Newsmonth for 2024.

Now’s the time for pay rises and better conditions for members in independent schools. The IEU is set to meet with employer representatives in mid-May, so we urge all chapters to hold a meeting to endorse the union’s claim by the end of week 4. Invite potential members to the meeting and encourage them to join – there is real strength in numbers. Now’s the time!

Speaking of strength in numbers, read about St Lucy’s School in Wahroonga where the chapter trebled its membership and stood together for a successful outcome. At the same time, members in Christian schools have stood firm in rejecting an insulting pay offer.

In early April we united for change, launching a pay rise campaign for teachers in community-based preschools. Preschool teachers are paid substantially less than their colleagues in schools, leading to staff shortages. Read about this campaign and meet our dedicated member ambassadors.

Calling all IEU reps – come and join us for a day of training, so we can talk about workplace rights and responsibilities and help you to support and strengthen your chapter.

Have you ever wondered how the IEU works and who represents you? Read about union structure and meet your elected officials, organisers, industrial officers and professional officers. We are 70 years strong this year, we invite you to read a little history and share your stories with us.

Read these stories and more in this issue of Newsmonth. We encourage you to share this email with your colleagues and invite them to join the IEU

David Towson, Deputy Secretary 

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