Media Release: A blueprint for change

Friday, 20 October 2023

A blueprint for change

The Independent Education Union NSW/ACT Branch welcomes the release of the state government’s Statement of Expectations and its focus on reducing teacher workload. The Deputy Premier and Minister for Education and Early Learning Prue Car provided NESA with the Statement. It sets out the government’s expectations of the education authority.

“It’s about making things better. It’s about getting initial teacher education more closely aligned with the work of schools and it’s about increasing teacher supply.” IEUA NSW/ACT Branch Secretary Mark Northam said.
“The profession welcomes the new approach. Managing change is complex but we now have a way forward.”

The six points detailed in the Statement of Expectations capture what is necessary to drive change. The administrative burden on teachers should be reduced and the rationale and benefits of any administrative task should be clearly communicated to teachers before requiring them to undertake such tasks.
“The Statement embraces a revised way of thinking, a platform for professional discussions in schools, and importantly, a strong signal to employers that change is desirable,” Northam said.
“Reducing unnecessary workload is a high priority for the Minister. Many such developments have no cost implications and are simply administrative in nature.”
The Statement also foreshadows the possibility of establishing “maximum” requirements, which would provide an upper limit on the work required of teachers and schools.

“The IEU has been making a case for reform and refinement with NESA expectations for many years. We applaud the Minister for Education for listening to the profession.”

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The IEUA NSW/ACT Branch represents over 32,000 teachers, principals and support staff in Catholic and independent schools, early childhood centres and post-secondary colleges.
Authorised by Mark Northam, Secretary, IEUA NSW/ACT Branch