They just don’t get it: insulting teacher pay offer from the NSW Government 

Thursday, 3 August 2023

The NSW Government must reconsider the insulting pay offer made to NSW Government teachers today. This decision directly impacts Independent Education Union (IEU) teacher members in Catholic systemic schools across NSW. Even though Catholic employers are not bound by NSW Government decisions for government school teachers, they’ve long imposed the same on their own teachers. 

IEU and the NSW Teachers Federation (NSWTF) took to the streets in June 2022 behind a ‘Teachers United’ banner. This joint campaign reflected a profession in crisis. Thousands of teachers and support staff rallied outside NSW Parliament to make their voices heard. This was to ensure a reset of teacher salaries and conditions. 

The IEU stands with the NSWTF as they call out the NSW Government for revoking the previously negotiated agreement. 

Tina Ruello, President of the IEUA NSW/ACT Branch, expressed disappointment with the offer. 

“We’ve been on the streets. We’ve been in NSW Parliament. We thought the Minns Government was listening. It seems they weren’t.” Ruello said. 

“The notion that you can rebuild a profession without the foundations being securely in place is illogical. Attracting and retaining the existing workforce in NSW hinges on achieving pay outcomes which are comparable to the outcomes in ACT and QLD. This offer is not that. 

“Teacher vacancy statistics across NSW tell the story. Schools have been splitting, sharing, and supervising multiple classes, and education and learning outcomes have been weakened as a result.” 

“School communities across NSW deserve better. Parents and teachers were anticipating a significant change in direction from the Minns Government, but the latest offer falls short. IEU members and the communities they serve will stand strong and demand a better offer” Mark Northam, Secretary of the IEUA NSW/ACT Branch, said. 

“Schools have been running on goodwill. That goodwill has now expired. 

“Teaching is the bedrock of all professions. The NSW Government must get this right.” 

The IEU Executive is meeting on Friday 4 August and will consider a response by IEU members. 


Mark Northam, IEUA NSW/ACT Branch Secretary, 0427 667 061 

Media: Brigitte Garozzo, 0488 847 469, 

The IEUA NSW/ACT Branch represents over 32,000 teachers, principals and support staff in Catholic and independent schools, early childhood centres and post-secondary colleges. 

Authorised by Mark Northam, IEUA NSW/ACT Branch Secretary