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HSC Markers

Welcome to the IEU’s HSC Markers information page. HSC marking is a valuable role in the HSC process and your involvement as an IEU member is appreciated.

The IEU has campaigned over many years to ensure that HSC marking is a rewarding professional experience that is conducted under suitable working conditions and is appropriately remunerated.

As the majority of HSC courses have moved to on-screen marking in recent years the union has centralised its servicing of the HSC marking centres by appointing a single organiser as the contact point for any inquiries. We also provided an IEU members advice document which addresses some common concerns. This information is updated annually and uploaded by NESA in the Markers Online Memos and Documents section.

Contacting the IEU during HSC Marking

Even though we still encourage each marking centre to elect an IEU Rep, as most markers move to the home marking environment after the briefing process, we understand it is often easier to contact the union office directly should an issue arise.

If you are experiencing any concerns with your marking operation, please contact:

  • Email: hscmarkers@ieu.asn.au
  • Phone: 02 8202 8900 (advise reception it is an HSC marking inquiry and you will be directed to the appropriate Organiser)

Please be aware that, should an issue arise, the expected process is that your senior marker, and/or your Supervisor of Marking (SOM) is made aware of the problem before it is taken any further.

Interested in becoming a Marking Centre Rep?

All marking centres are encouraged to elect an IEU Rep who should be the first point of contact if you have an industrial issue, and we provide a Reps advice pack to assist with this role, also in the Markers Online Memos and Documents section.

Contact the IEU on the details below if you are considering undertaking this role and would like to know more.

NESA Accredited Hours for HSC Marking

From 2018 all markers participating in HSC marking have been able to claim NESA-accredited professional development hours for teachers at Proficient Teacher level. For senior markers and above, the PD hours can be claimed at Highly Accomplished Teacher level.

The current hours available for NESA-accredited PD are:

  • Markers will be credited with 3 hours for briefing (this can be claimed twice if you mark both a practical component and a written component as they are considered different PD activities)
  • Language Oral Examiners will be credited with 3 hours
  • Senior Markers (SMs) will be credited with 4 hours 
  • Supervisors of Marking (SOMs) will be credited with 5 hours

Markers should ensure that their NESA teacher accreditation number (which is different from your HSC Marker number) is accurately recorded in the Personal Details section of the online HSC marking application process.

NESA will collect eTAMS numbers via the marking app and will send the data across to NESA PD at the end of each briefing period (in batches). NESA PD will add the hours to your profile.


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