NSW public sector: teacher pay dispute settles

Public sector negotiations

The IEU has been advised that the NSW Teachers Federation has just reached agreement with the NSW Government for a restructure of the teacher pay scale that will take effect from October this year. Under this agreement, the starting salary for a teacher in NSW will increase from $75,791 to $85,000 and the salary for a top of the scale teacher will increase from $113,042 to $122,100. The higher salaries will be implemented in one increase from October. In addition, the teacher pay scale will be simplified.

The IEU understands that the award applying to teachers in NSW Government schools will be varied under a one-year deal that will be in place until October 2024. Pay rises for subsequent years will be negotiated when the award expires in 2024.

Catholic systemic schools

The Interim Settlement Agreement reached between the IEU and the ten Catholic dioceses (not including Broken Bay) in May this year contains the following commitment:

The Employers will ensure that the annual salaries… are increased by the same percentage increase on base salaries provided to teachers and support staff employed by the NSW Department of Education, where those increases are applied before 31 December 2023. Such percentage increases will also be applied to any salary-related allowances in the current Agreement.

This means that the dioceses have agreed to flow on increases received by teachers in NSW Government schools to teachers in NSW Catholic systemic schools. The IEU wrote to the dioceses on 23 August 2023 requesting a meeting to discuss the implications of a possible settlement in the public sector and we expect to meet in coming days.

Thanks for your support

The IEU thanks all our members for your support in this long campaign. We are now close to achieving significant pay rises for both teachers and support staff, but we still have much to do in addressing unsustainable teacher workloads. Please encourage any colleagues who have not yet joined the union to do so – click here. We are stronger together.