Support staff: We got a pay rise

IEU support staff members in Catholic systemic schools have been proudly sporting stickers which say: ‘We got a pay rise! Ask me for a form and join our union’, following their recent pay rises.

Support staff members benefitted from the hard work of their colleagues who are in the union.

The union campaign included the Joint IEU/Catholic Employment Relations (CER) Support Staff Working Party that met throughout 2021; two full-day stop works and a one-hour stop work in 2022 by IEU teacher and support staff members; media and social media coverage; numerous meetings with dioceses throughout 2022 and 2023 and a dispute notification in February this year by the IEU to the Fair Work Commission.

The sticker rams home the message that strength comes from unity. The more support staff members the union has, the more gains it can achieve in the future.

IEU Rep Dot Seamer said, “It’s been a long-winded campaign and it is nice to think that support staff are valued for their contribution to school life. Finally, we will be receiving pay parity with our colleagues in the [Education] Department”.

Dot has been the Rep for Holy Spirit Infants School Abermain for some years. Her school has 100 per cent membership among support staff. She is unusual in being a member of support staff who represent all union members at the school.

“There are increasing professional responsibilities for support staff. Our roles are diverse and complex in nature, which is why I enjoy the challenge,” Dot said.

“We are dealing with families, students and staff and it’s nice to think that we are being recognised for our role.

“Thanks to the IEU for their ongoing support of the campaign.”

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