ECEC Extra: Significant wins for KU members

Thanks to the power of collective action, the IEU has secured an improved final offer for KU directors and teachers. New entitlements for directors include non-contact time for their Educational Leader responsibilities.

KU’s final offer addresses the issues raised by our members and provides for generous pay increases for the life of the agreement.

Members have overwhelmingly accepted KU’s final offer, secured on 1 May, after months of negotiations.

KU Final Offer:

  • 4% increases to salaries and allowances in 2024, 2025 and 2026
  • 2 days minimum office time for Directors each week (Directors that previously had 2 days per week will now have 3 days office time)
  • 15 Discretionary Days for Directors per year (these days can be shared with Teachers to complete Transition to School Statements)
  • 4 hours per week for the Educational Leader role 
  • KU directed meetings will be reduced to 4 hours per year and pre-approved time in lieu will remain at 16 hours per year
  • 5hours programming time for full-time Teachers
  • 2 child-free days per year
  • 5 days paid leave for both Declared Disaster Events and Declared Pandemics 
  • 2 days paid Cultural Leave for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees
  • Improved Paid Parental Leave (including paid leave in the event of a miscarriage)
  • Gender affirmation leave
  • 20% discount on the gap fee for KU employees whose children attend KU long day care services

IEU members have welcomed the offer and have shared feedback with some members saying that these changes will mean they will stay in their jobs.

Next steps? KU is now in the process of drafting the new EA, and it will be reviewed by the IEU before it is provided to Teachers and Directors to vote on. The IEU is delighted that we will be recommending a “YES” vote to members when the enterprise agreement is put out to vote later this year.

The union wishes to thank our members at KU for standing together. We could not have achieved this outcome without the unwavering support of our members.

If you have non-member colleagues at your workplace, it is time to tell them to become part of the solution by joining the IEU!

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